The following "Gittin' to Know Ya" is ONLY for those who have submitted the single-page REQUEST to attend the Joshua Retreat and the INTERVIEW and have been selected to attend. The purpose of this "Gittin' to Know Ya" is so I can understand your goals and strengths better when we meet. Please do not submit this "Gittin' to Know Ya" unless already chosen to attend. Simply copy/paste the "Gittin' to Know Ya" below with your brief responses in an email to


How did you hear about the Retreat?

NAME of you and your spouse or business partner

How do you describe your current daily work pattern? (e.g., type of employment, where employed, how long employed, your satisfaction level at employment, your investing experience, transition plans from employment to investing, and any other relevant details.)

Summarize your background experiences. (e.g., What bullet points would list the main chain of events in your life that have culminated in how you got to where you are now? What triggered your desire to invest in real estate?)

State briefly what you want to achieve through successful investments in real estate. (Is your ultimate goal to achieve success as a full-time professional investor, to supplement your income in part-time investing, to provide for your children's education, to accumulate nest egg assets for retirement needs, or something other?)

What resources do you have for developing your investing career? (Do you have unrecognized resources or assets? Do you have personal discretionary cash flow now frequently flushed down the toilet as you dine out on the weekend bash while this splurging could be re-directed into investments? Do you have forgotten financial assets in your attic that you could borrow against or sell? Do you have savings/retirement accounts/pension plans/IRA/401k or other rainy-day pigeon-holes, maybe rusting away in your bank lockbox? Do you have valuables you no longer need that could be sold for cash - like that old junker in the backyard you planned to fix up? Do you have credit cards and good credit rating? Do you have access to anyone who can assist you - such as a parent, grown son or daughter, or helpful friend with time on their hands? Do you have access to a possible partner in your local investing club? Do you have a friend with the knack to generate cash but has no time to invest? Do you have legal and accounting relationships? (Note: "Winning the Lottery...someday" can't be counted as a resource or asset.)

Why are you interested in "No Cash - No Credit" techniques and expertise?

Which of your abilities and skills have proved to be most important in life, and what have been your most significant achievements so far?

What assures you most that you will succeed highly?

Do you believe in a God that is alive and well, functioning with purpose on Planet Earth and deeply involved in your very own personal affairs in life? Without any sanctimonious syrup but according to your study of the Bible, do you honestly think that God really cares about your personal choices and in your personal success in real estate investing as a vocation and profession? Can you actually state a verse or two that proves your assumptions?