Actual feedback from the files of real, "live" investors that have attended these Retreats and changed their lives...

"what a great foundation to get our business going in a steady, productive fashion"

"the training is all hands-on and practical, making sure we have fun!"

"he is with us every step of the way"

"access to the most knowledgeable investor in the country!"

"they sure care about my life and my success!"

"prior to this weekend, I was not sure that I could be a real estate investor...but now I have found courage and comfort in this venture....calling strangers petrified me....Now the "dots" are connected....Now, my husband says I am "smooth" on the phone. Strangely enough, I feel an affinity on those calls I've made to people who are hurting!....In short, I walked in with intense apprehension but walked out with enthusiasm and confidence to do this!"

"I back my husband all the way in this; we really want to succeed at investing!"

"I learned a gradual, step-by-step process"

"this has been so different than any organization I have ever been part of in the past"

"his knowledge of the real estate investing business is unsurpassed"

"the greatest part was the care for my individual, personal success"

"a great experience in learning!"