I have a passion for you to succeed, and you WILL Succeed!!!


As a pioneer educator in the real estate investing scene that began in the '70s, I will help you succeed. No, I cannot do it for you but I will make your success so easy and efficient that only a fool can fail.


First, you've gotta understand and believe that an untapped Gold Mine in Real Estate is waiting for you outside your front door.

And, you DON'T need to buy a shack like this to capitalize on NO CASH - NO CREDIT INVESTING!

 I bought this house for $90,000
                                                           without cash or credit

       and sold it for $40,000 profit.  

These opportunities are everywhere, but your eyes must be trained to find them.

Second, after grasping this very simple concept, learn the techniques and variations in the Weekend Lodge Retreat and in the follow-up teleconference sessions.

After you attend the Huntsville Retreat, I will share my storehouse of experiences to help you accelerate your investing returns during the four follow-up weeks in teleconference calls from my office to your home. I will personally help you:

1. internalize and apply the Retreat concepts for lucrative investing,
2. negotiate the purchase of the next property you select and,
3. advise in the prep for selling at net profit.

I guarantee your success by continuing with my personal help until your profit exceeds your training expenses...

for by then, you have established a proved Success Pattern to repeat for life!!!

(And I will continue to be available for advice - just a phone call away - so now you've got an investing partner for life!)

That GUARANTEE is why attending this Retreat is a no-brainer!!!